Weekend in copenhagen

Hi there, beloved ones. I feel great about writing my first blog post on this new site I got fixed up with lots of help from my dear friend Linus. Blogging has been part of my everyday life ever since I was an eleven year old kiddo or something. Over the past two months I have had a break due to stress and anxiety, but also ’cause I wanted to set this thing up. And here I am. Hopefully to stay for a while. For those who don’t know me, or who didn’t follow my old blog, here’s a short and concise presentation. Hi. I’m Jorunn. I’m an eighteen year old restless girl from a smalltown who likes to spend all my money on going places and shopping for clothes. I’m a sucker for all kinds of music – anything between deep house, Turkish folk music and Kanye West works out for me atm. And whenever I don’t spend all my money on expensive or inexpensive clothes and get my mind lost in the music, I fill documents and documents with texts that no one could ever understand. And I like taking pictures. And I hope you will stay.


Last weekend was spent in wonderful Copenhagen along with three gorgeous gals. Emma, Norah and Emmy were going to a concert and I decided to go with them, extremely spontaneously, without even having a valid train ticket. But I managed to get both there and home without getting caught. Pheuw.


Copenhagen was really fucking great, even though we didn’t do much during daytime. Mostly we just went out and had beers and whiskey and gin tonics, to be honest. We stayed at a really cute hostel called Globalhagen Hostel in Nørrebro, in which all the rooms were made as different countries. The location was probably pretty great too, but hey I can’t really tell since I only went to the clubs in Kødbyen.


We had dinner at Kalaset and partied until late night/morning at Bakken and Jolene. Lindstrøm and Sven Weisemann played at Culture Box on Saturday. Weiseman rolled up to us on the dance floor and gave us free entrance tickets so we’ll have to visit again.

I really can’t get my head around why I never stay in Copenhagen for more than two or three days. I would have loved to have time to visit Louisiana, the modern museum or stroll down the cute streets of Nørrebro. We didn’t even have time to go the city centre once. But then again, we only had one afternoon in town and let me tell you, we were all kinda hungover that day. I guess this only calls for more. Vi ses København!

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