What to do on a Tuesday off

Remember I told you I felt too restless to go home after Brussels? Well, I ended up going home directly on Monday after I’ve landed at the airport anyways. I was dead tired and couldn’t look forward to anything but sleeping in my own bed. Guess we all reach our limits from time to time. Started watching the Netflix Originals The Get Down, which seems very promising. I think I can recommend it even though I’ve only seen the first episode so far.


It felt so good sleeping in on Tuesday morning, and even have time to read a book and drink a cup of tea while having breakfast on my own. After breakfast, I ended up trying all my swimsuits and bikinis and doing my makeup while dancing like crazy all by myself. That’s one thing I do whenever I’m alone, but then again, who doesn’t right. I was going to meet up with Norah in town for lunch at 12 am, but I texted her asking if we could meet 15 minutes later. “I think I have a good selfie in the making”. “Hahaha, of course”, she replied. True friendship.

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We spent two hours or so in town, searching the flea markets and checking out the Christmas market. There is really nothing to do in Mariehamn, especially not winter time, and especially not yesterday since it was the independence day of Finland and most of the shops were closed. But it’s still always kind of great to catch up with your bestie. We ended up having pasta and espresso at some Italian place next to the market. Talking about the future (what else these days), about how to fight inferiority complexes, how to boost your creativity and what kind of collaborative projects we would like to do some time. But also about love and life, ’cause you can never talk to much about those things.

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Also, I sported these new babes that I bought in Brussels. Always embrace the 90s babe inside of you. Anyways, after saying bye bye to Norah I went home to study for a couple of hours for some test I have tomorrow. There’s only four months left of high school now, I really can’t wait to get it over and done with. Starting from April, I will be free to do whatever I feel like (even though I’ll probably just end up working non stop until summer). 2016 is coming to an end and for the first time in my life, I have no idea of how the upcoming year will turn out. Where I will live, what places I will discover, if I will study or work or just travel (I’d take my guess on the last one).  It is both scary and super exciting at the same time.

My day off ended with yoga class and family dinner. For the first time in weeks, it actually felt good to get some rest. I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done so much recently. I do love this hectic lifestyle, but there is no way I manage without doing my yoga. You gotta find whatever keeps you alive.