Monday soul food

Hej. Satan. Vad det har låst sig för mig. Prestationsångesten förmår mig inte att göra någonting alls. Twists my head. Så jag tänkte försöka återgå till ett mer välbekant mönster. Nytt år och ny start, är det inte så folk brukar göra. Det är så jävla svårt att vara en *skapande person* och samtidigt hela tiden vara sin egen största kritiker. Men jag håller andan under täcket och väntar på att det går över, för vad ska man annars göra? Jag kanske inte är den enda som lider av kreativ baksmälla så här i vinterdepp-tider?

Och så kan det ju vara ganska skönt att ha en skaparpaus ibland också, om man vänder på det. Då kan man tänka sig att filmtittande och Pinterest inte alls är tidsödslande, utan tvärtom är precis vad man behöver för att komma igång igen. Här är vad som inspirerar mig just nu: boiler rooms efter boiler rooms, kanske Nicolas Jaar mest av allt. Jävla geni.

Translation: Hey guys. Sorry for being distant, but every time I try and write something my head gets all twisted from anxiety. I can’t seem to write one single word down. So I’m trying to strip it all down a bit. Maybe it’ll feel safer to write if I remove some of the pressure that I put on myself. New year, new start, eh? Music is what inspires me most at the time being. I’m currently hooked on this boiler room by Nicolas Jaar. Genius. 

3 great things that happened this week

I was at my last Christmas party in school everrrz. Me, Norah and Tobias decided to seize the moment and play a sweet Joy Division tune (well, at least a sweet version) as an almost-last goodbye to our school and this godforsaken island. Photo cred leftmost picture: Norah.

Hung out with four main gals: my bestie Norah and also Anna, Fanny and Caisa with whom I haven’t hung out for way too long. I can’t even remember what the hell we were talking about all night, but I do remember I had way fun. The hoodie is from Weekday and I wear it almost everyday.

Albin shaved his hair off!!! He’s hopefully about to sign a contract with a pretty influential model agency, and they suggested he should shave his head. Said and done. I think he looks totally utterly fly in his new look. 

And as a Christmas special, I’m giving this video to all of you ’cause you probably need it. And Merry Christmas to all of you. And a safe one for those who feel anxious during Christmas times.

Sunday night

It’s Sunday night when I write this post and I’ve had a rough day. I spent the weekend in Stockholm, again, partying and buying Christmas gifts for friends and family. And then, all of a sudden, anxiety hit me like a wall. I constantly struggle with always being to harsh on myself. And sometimes it gets too hard to deal with. Therefore, I ended up almost panicking for no reason at all on the bus from Stockholm. I think my body and mind is just calling for a Christmas break. Which couldn’t be any more suiting, since I have holidays for two and a half weeks, starting from Wednesday. It’s probably time for me to take one step back. Hang out with my siblings, watch movies and read books by the bonfire. Try not to fight the sense of boredom. Try and fill my diary up, for once.

It would be wrong of me not to mention my weekend in Stockholm, though. I arrived on Saturday morning and went immediately to the shopping street on Södermalm. I spent all afternoon buying Christmas presents and I was dead tired when I showed up at Axel’s and Patrik’s place around dinner time. After having a pot of lentil stew I had to take a nap while the others hung out in the living room, playing music and drinking Club Mate + Vodka. It’s a wonder we even made it out, but when the night had grown darker and we’d had a few, we started making our way towards one of the gigs we were keen on – Axel Boman at Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray. The line was way too long though and it all ended up with me and Philip going to a gig at mmmmm. Jessie Grankvist played at the club and she was great, she is great, check her out:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And so, Sunday. We had coffee and tomato soup for breakfast and hung out at the weekly Söndagsklubben (=talking and dancing in the living room and DJ:ing all day). They do this podcast thingy from time to time, you could listen here if you wanted to. It’s just a lot of nice music for lazy Sundays and hardly any talk at all.


Samuel and a pizza.

On Sunday afternoon I had coffee with Ida. She is one of my closest friends but we hang out to little; she’s always busy with school projects and work. But this time I finally got to talk to her about the complexities in life. I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons I was feeling pretty off for the rest of the day. We talked about heavy stuff of the kind that can gnaw your brains out any time you let it. It’s important as hell to talk to your friends about anything that is hard to carry alone.

I think my mind and body are trying to tell me to back off for a while. Or at least have some rest. So that’s probably what I will do. For a couple of days or a week or two. Merry Christmas y’all, talk to you soon.

Weekend in copenhagen

Hi there, beloved ones. I feel great about writing my first blog post on this new site I got fixed up with lots of help from my dear friend Linus. Blogging has been part of my everyday life ever since I was an eleven year old kiddo or something. Over the past two months I have had a break due to stress and anxiety, but also ’cause I wanted to set this thing up. And here I am. Hopefully to stay for a while. For those who don’t know me, or who didn’t follow my old blog, here’s a short and concise presentation. Hi. I’m Jorunn. I’m an eighteen year old restless girl from a smalltown who likes to spend all my money on going places and shopping for clothes. I’m a sucker for all kinds of music – anything between deep house, Turkish folk music and Kanye West works out for me atm. And whenever I don’t spend all my money on expensive or inexpensive clothes and get my mind lost in the music, I fill documents and documents with texts that no one could ever understand. And I like taking pictures. And I hope you will stay.


Last weekend was spent in wonderful Copenhagen along with three gorgeous gals. Emma, Norah and Emmy were going to a concert and I decided to go with them, extremely spontaneously, without even having a valid train ticket. But I managed to get both there and home without getting caught. Pheuw.


Copenhagen was really fucking great, even though we didn’t do much during daytime. Mostly we just went out and had beers and whiskey and gin tonics, to be honest. We stayed at a really cute hostel called Globalhagen Hostel in Nørrebro, in which all the rooms were made as different countries. The location was probably pretty great too, but hey I can’t really tell since I only went to the clubs in Kødbyen.


We had dinner at Kalaset and partied until late night/morning at Bakken and Jolene. Lindstrøm and Sven Weisemann played at Culture Box on Saturday. Weiseman rolled up to us on the dance floor and gave us free entrance tickets so we’ll have to visit again.

I really can’t get my head around why I never stay in Copenhagen for more than two or three days. I would have loved to have time to visit Louisiana, the modern museum or stroll down the cute streets of Nørrebro. We didn’t even have time to go the city centre once. But then again, we only had one afternoon in town and let me tell you, we were all kinda hungover that day. I guess this only calls for more. Vi ses København!