Postcard from Brussels

Hey there. It’s Thursday and I’ve been in four countries in one week. No time to rest, haha. I don’t feel bad about it though. Just wish I could find a way to bring in more money to pay for all this roaming.


I’m currently in Brussels to visit a friend of mine. My flight back leaves on Monday morning, but I’ll probably stay in Stockholm for a day or so before I go home due to this restlessness that I really can’t get rid off no matter what I do. Hit me up if you want to hang out in Sthlm on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll be all yours. mobilcollage-bryssel-2

I’m planning on setting up a mini guide to Brussels for you guys when I come back home. You’re gonna have to deal with mobile photos though since there wasn’t any room for my camera in my hand luggage. And also ’cause I really don’t feel comfortable taking photos with a camera when I’m abroad, makes me look like such a tourist. Haha. I’ll have to get used to that again. I promise. Stay true to your blogger-self etc.

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